My iPad!

So for all those that have been living under a rock,  Apple recently created this neat little device called an Ipad.  Well I got my hands on one!  My review, I like it 🙂  Its simple, easy to use and a 1 year old can even use it (seriously, my 14 month old daughter and 3 yr old son can unlock the device and play their puzzle game on it).

My photography related apps:

  • MoodBoard – To create mood & storyboards on the Ipad
  • LightTrac – For outdoor sun and light direction
  • NetFlix – For when you’re bored or need a babysitting tool
  • Workbook – For inspiration
  • TWC Max+ – For the weather forecast
  • GoodReader – For reading PDFs
  • Penultimate – For drawing ideas

If anyone can recommend more apps, I’m listening…

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