My iPad!

So for all those that have been living under a rock,  Apple recently created this neat little device called an Ipad.  Well I got my hands on one!  My review, I like it 🙂  Its simple, easy to use and a 1 year old can even use it (seriously, my 14 month old daughter and 3 yr old son can unlock the device and play their puzzle game on it).

My photography related apps:

  • MoodBoard – To create mood & storyboards on the Ipad
  • LightTrac – For outdoor sun and light direction
  • NetFlix – For when you’re bored or need a babysitting tool
  • Workbook – For inspiration
  • TWC Max+ – For the weather forecast
  • GoodReader – For reading PDFs
  • Penultimate – For drawing ideas

If anyone can recommend more apps, I’m listening…

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Everything old is new again!

New website is officially up now.  For the longest time,  i’ve been working on refreshing my website.  Now its finally up!!!  Everything old is new again! Its organized, its bright, its clean, its alive!! It feels like I just bought a brand new car……  Ahh, that new car smell!

I want to thank everyone for their feedback.  I can now say it works much faster all over the world.  Thank you Singapore! 😉

Now I just have to figure out how to migrate the old blog over here…………..

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